We are thrilled that you are exploring working with us. We are fortunate to work with some of the best and brightest in the world. In our associates, we look for solid problem-solving skills (can be mundanely intelligent left brainers or boringly creative right brainers). If you are a fresh graduate, you are welcome to apply if you majored in any of: computer science, engineering, mathematics, statistics, biology, bio-chemistry, bio-technology and medicine. We welcome inter-disciplinary learning/project work. If you are an experienced associate, we look for deep hands-on work in AI (one or more areas), deep learning, medical research, population health and Government.

Our interview process is one of the most rigorous with 4 rounds of progressive interviews. An initial HR screening will look for problem solving DNA and general fitment. The second round is a deep technical/subject interview. The third one will involve solving an open-ended case (you can take as much time as you want) that will involve building models (or related artifacts) and a presentation to the leadership. The last round will be with one of the founders. You cross all – you walk away with an offer!

Interested? So are we! Send your credentials to and you will hear from us soon.