• World's leading medical institutes:We partner with some of the world's leading medical institutes (teaching, practice and research) to validate our models using real-life data of patients and outcomes resulting in joint research and publications.
  • Thought-Leaders in Medicine and Data Science: We collaborate with some of the brightest and most influential thought-leaders in medicine, data sciences and public policy.

Our work at the forefront of AI and medicine takes us to some of the world’s leading academic, research and not-for-profit institutions that offer us access to unique datasets and opportunities to collaborate on deep medical and molecular research.

Selecting partners (and getting selected by our partners) is central to our ability to bring and analyze rarely available datasets. Rigorous selection criteria followed by exclusive non-disclosure and alliance agreements govern our conduct around joint research, patenting and commercialization of our work. Our partners enrich us with unique opportunities to validate our work both in clinical and commercial settings.

Our ability to back-up our work and insights in clinical settings offers us a unique differentiator to accelerate our platform, algorithms and insights.

We are bound by very strict exclusivity and non-disclosure terms and don’t explicitly share the details of our partners. If you are engaged in research in the areas of AI, molecular biology and genetics and can offer value to us (and vice-versa), please write to us at –