Detecting Diseases Early - from Gestation to Geriatrics


pregnancy screening

We are on a mission to detect diseases early – from Gestation to Geriatrics.

CognitiveCare is working at the cutting edge of Science – AI, medicine, biology, and genomics. We are building the world’s first comprehensive disease detection platform that puts AI, advanced math, and stats at the intersection of medicine and biology.

Akin to human birth, our maiden launch is addressing Maternal and Infant Health. Our Platform detects 48 maternal, fetal and infant health risks early in the pregnancy cycle to empower caregivers and payers to act proactively.

Our world-class Healthcare AI Consulting helps Payers, Providers, and Pharma harness the power of AI, digital, and analytics capabilities to identify new opportunities and address some of their most pressing challenges.

Together with our customers and collaborators, we are reimagining healthcare.

Maternal and Infant Health

By putting Artificial Intelligence at the intersection of medicine, biology and demographics, our algorithms can scan trillions of data points to detect and quantify possible health risks during pregnancies. The risks detected are called MIHIC (Maternal, Infant Health Insights and Cognitive intelligence) Scores. These Scores can help caregivers, payers, governments, pharmaceutical researchers and pregnant mothers better understand the extent of risk and the factors contributing to elevated risk levels. The key features of MIHIC include:

  • Risks determined based on comprehensive analysis of medical, clinical, social, lifestyle, genetic and radiological determinants.
  • Longitudinal progression of MIHIC scores™ throughout the pregnancy.
  • Intuitive visual dashboards to detect and manage high-risk populations.

What is MIHIC ?

CognitiveCare’s Maternal and Infant Health Solution (MIHIC) delivers the propensity of 48 Maternal, Fetal and Infant health risks and outcomes in pregnant mothers. Our neural networks take clinical, medical, social, lifestyle, genetic and radiological determinants of pregnant mothers to spot early signs of any specific symptoms or outcomes and deliver a precise MIHIC quantifying the individual risk as well as the overall risk to the mother. MIHIC scores™ can help detect and ascertain the extent of risks at an early stage and determine the right intervention to prevent/manage those risks.

Beyond Maternal and Infant Health

CognitiveCare is working to launch solutions for Mental Health focusing on neuropsychiatric diseases; Renal Diseases and Hepatic Disorders (including NASH). Research and analysis in identifying the determinants and datasets is underway. Beyond maternal and infant health we are focusing on these areas:

pregnancy screening

Healthcare AI Consulting

Status Quo in Healthcare is DANGEROUS to our Society. Change is Imperative.

All the key constituents of healthcare – payers, providers, and pharma are severely challenged by a combination of factors including ever increasing cost of care, rapid changes in technology and mobility, and an evolving regulatory landscape. Providing effective care while handling these challenges has become a critical imperative for everyone. Evidence – economic and social – points unequivocally that healthcare’s status quo is unsustainable for our society.

Detecting criticaly ill COVID-19 patients and optimizing hospital resources.

CognitiveCare’s COVID-19 Suite of Tools enables providers and payers to more effectively manage care and resources. Together, CognitiveCare partners with Healthcare systems to mitigate risk and save lives during the COVID-19 pandemic.

CognitiveCare’s COVID-19 Suite of Tools is currently being utilized across the globe to:

  • Identify high-risk COVID-19 patients.
  • Help determine how to optimize hospital care and resources.
  • Take Social Determinants into account when evaluating COVID-19 risks and trends.



PV and Suresh launched CognitiveCare as a primary conduit for early detection of diseases, health risks, and outcomes. CognitiveCare can transform healthcare from a reactive and episodic paradigm to a pro-active and comprehensive disease detection opportunity. PV and Suresh collectively bring unparalleled expertise spanning medical research and practice, artificial intelligence and advanced computing, drug discovery and clinical trials, patient safety, and adverse events detection. Their vision and passion guides CognitiveCare to undertake cutting edge work in medicine, biology and AI to provide its customers with some of the most innovative and impactful solutions.

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Venkat N. Peri

Founder and CEO
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Dr. Suresh Attili

Co-Founder & CMO


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