Our customers inspire us.

They save lives, discover new drugs and prevent catastrophic events every day.


Our work with our customers is driven by 3 fundamental principles.

First, the effort should be “transformational”. It is more than just building new models and giving them to our customers. We work with the key stakeholders to define the goals clearly; identify the available data sources internally and externally; define how the modeling insights will be delivered and acted on and finally, build the feed-back loops to ensure the models learn. Such an integrated approach ensures that the models and the insights are tightly integrated with relevant infrastructure for “action”.

Second, the transformation should be “incremental”. Taking on multi-year transformation in one “go” is akin to solving world hunger. We focus on incremental results without losing sight of the big picture. We work closely to identify some acute pains or areas and work to demonstrate results. Once our customers experience the results and value, we accelerate the journey. Trust us, this is easier said than done. You need the DNA to do this.

Third, avoid the “last mile” syndrome. Many an analytics mandates have failed to cover the last mile, i.e. how to translate modeling outputs to insights especially when the organizations are complex and large. The key is – stakeholder support and focus on actionability from day 1. We form the “core action group” comprising of key professionals to whom the insights will be delivered seamlessly across all touch-points and feed-back from their actions is brought back to the models for their learning.

Now, a representative sample of our work:

  • For a Fortune-500 Health Insurance Company, we are building a Center of Excellence on disease prediction and disease networks using AI and ML. The COE will help drive deep member insights and deliver them seamlessly across all relevant touch-points to enable the stakeholders to detect possible cases of early intervention. Our initial focus is maternity risks including post-partum depression and medication compliance. We will expand the COE to include orthopedics and cardiology.

  • For one of the largest healthcare systems in US, we are working on a two-pronged strategy to build their substance abuse network models to detect households with propensity for suicide and substance abuse build insights to drive ambulatory servicesfor orthopedics and cardiology.

  • For one of the largest research institutions in systems biology and genomics, we are building the machine learning models to help understand the risk scores for adverse events and progression free survival.

We will be thrilled to help you in your journey to embrace AI and Deep Learning and generate precise, actionable insights. Just drop us a line at or call us at +1 408 775 9915.