CognitiveCare’s Healthcare AI Consulting (HAIC) brings unparalleled experience in offering strategy and solutions that address fundamental issues of healthcare, enabling impactful businesses transformations. By utilizing AI, computational advancements, and technology to understand medicine, biology, genomics, and business operations – HAIC can help Payers, Providers and Pharma undertake a deep and rigorous analysis of data to drive early detection of opportunities and blind-spots. Our work focuses on:

  • How to spot early signs of diseases and risks and empower the payers and providers to act.
  • How to spot opportunities to prioritize care – e.g., how to detect people needing the most critical care early.
  • How can patient outcomes be measured and improved?
  • How can we optimize hospitals resources – human, infrastructure and medical to ensure their demand and utilization yield the most effective treatments and outcomes?
  • How can pharma companies accelerate their drug discovery and research through analysis of untapped potential of existing data of approved, abandoned and rejected clinical trials?
  • How can pharma companies enhance their ability to detect early and react to patient safety issues?
  • How can providers improve their collections?
  • How can providers enhance claims acceptance and claims processing times?
  • Risk Stratification of Patients.
  • Healthcare Cost Estimation Over Time.
  • Detection and Prevention of Fraudulent Claims.
  • Early Detection and Prevention of Avoidable Medical Outcomes.
  • Resource Scheduling and Operational Efficiency.
  • Patient Risk Stratification and Triage.
  • Detect and Prevent Possible Claim Rejections.
  • Improve Collections.
  • Preventing Non-reimbursable Outcomes such as HAIs, False Positives, Re-admissions, etc.
Pharma and Life Sciences
  • Drug Repurposing.
  • Accelerating Drug Discovery.
  • Smart Drug Retrials.
  • Detecting Patient Safety Events early.
  • Detecting Regulatory Blindspots.

We engage with our customers across 4 key areas:

Digital Strategy & Analytics: Help our customers with strategy and transformation to adopt digital, data, analytics, and AI roadmaps. These laser-focused engagements will involve stakeholders’ discussions, prioritization of business imperatives, and rigorous data analysis to deliver a comprehensive strategic roadmap for transformation.

Finance & Operations: Extensive analysis of data in areas related to revenue cycles and collections, fraud and waste, process bottlenecks/roadblocks, and medical and clinical outcomes help uncover both short-term and long-term opportunities for realizing greater value.

Regulatory Compliance: Regulation is a critical cog in the wheel of our healthcare systems. At present, a huge percentage of compliance involves reactive approaches to issues identified by regulators. Identifying regulatory blind-spots and their pro-active resolutions help improve credibility and reduce collateral damage to reputation and financial health. By analyzing data from clinical trials, drug-drug interactions and pharmaco- genomics, we dig deeper to understand early the issues of patient safety/adverse events, possible violations of existing rules and laws in coverage and payment approvals, and possible cases leading to medical malpractice.

Research & Development - AI & ML: Our cutting edge work at the intersection of AI & ML, Medicine, Biology, Genomics, Stats and Advanced Math has often been sought by our customers to accelerate their efforts towards focused research & development.

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