We partner with some of the finest academic and medical research institutions globally. They bring unparalleled knowledge, experience and thought-leadership across multiple disciplines of healthcare. They enrich our ideas with the most current efforts and discoveries in the world of genetics, drug research, disease networks and population health. Our collective efforts will help solve some of the biggest and pressing issues of healthcare.



Some of our current partners include:

  • A premier systems biology research lab with exclusive focus on understanding the genetic variations and their impact on specific therapies and treatments. We help them build machine learning algorithms to develop risk scores to predict adverse events and progression free survival.

  • An integrated healthcare system (medical school, hospital and its own research institute) trying to build its behavioral health network. The network will tap into the longitudinal data repositories of patients suffering from substance abuse, depression and suicidal tendencies. We are building deep learning models to develop probability scores of suicides, substance abuse and depression.

If you think we can collectively help solve the larger challenges in healthcare in addition to helping each other, drop us a note with your ideas at