Inter-disciplinary research is central to our work. Working at the convergence of computational sciences, medicine and biology, CognitiveCare Labs focuses on some of the biggest and pressing problems of healthcare. Working with leading research institutions globally, we develop joint hypotheses and problem statements by tapping into global data sources (in accordance and compliance with the highest level of privacy and security rules).


Our research broadly focuses on:

  • Specific diseases and their critical points: Disease progression across different genetic pools by understanding very granular and specific genetic mutations
  • The last mile in healthcare: How to make the insights and foresight actionable?
  • Predicting risks and progression free survival for drug therapies and treatments on micro-segments of patients
  • Creating reusable IP (models, algorithms) to accelerate the deployment and usage of models


A representative sample of our current research includes:

Maternity Lifecycle

Understanding risks in maternity Health

Behavioral Health Network

Building behavioral health Network

Deep genetic behaviors during drug discovery and drug trials

behaviors of drug discovery and trials

Hospital Acquired Infections and Sepsis

Hospital Acquired Infections and Sepsis

Evolving disease patterns across global population and genetic segments

disease patterns and genetic segments


  1. Understanding risks in maternity Health: Predicting risky pregnancies and post-partum depression
  2. Building behavioral health Network: An integrated behavioral health network to detect high propensity for suicide and substance abuse
  3. Exploring deep genetic behaviors during drug discovery and drug trials: Understanding the impact of drug therapies across different genetic variations and side effects
  4. Understanding Hospital Acquired Infections and Sepsis: Detecting highly probable cases for HIA and sepsis.
  5. Modeling Ambulatory Care: Identifying the cases suitable for ambulatory care for specific surgeries and medical procedures with specific focus on orthopedics and cardiology.