Mike Ryan - Chairman of the Board

“Make Positive Impact every day of your life”

Our Cool Chairman has been an entrepreneur, investor and a healthcare buff. Passionate about bringing positive impact in communities through his work, Mike strongly feels that healthcare will go through metamorphosis. A man of very diverse backgrounds, Mike brings a wealth of experience and relationships and drives the funding, investor relations and regulatory aspects at CognitiveCare.


Venkat N Peri - Founder and CEO

“Convergence of biology, medicine and math will transform healthcare in ways we can’t imagine”

When he couldn’t sleep without thinking about the idea for months – Venkat decided to repurpose his life and start CognitiveCare. With a stellar career of over two decades in management consulting, Venkat is maniacally passionate about the opportunity to bring deep learning and AI to solve the problems in healthcare. As one who did seminal work in transformational analytics and took insights to board-rooms often, Venkat is working tirelessly to bring the insights to bedside. Venkat drives the strategy, growth and execution at CognitiveCare.


Dr. Suresh Attili - Co-Founder, Chief Medical Scientist

“Saving lives through early intervention is no longer a commercial need…it is a moral obligation”

A man of deep science and research, Dr. Suresh is a physician scientist, an entrepreneur, a teacher and an inventor. Outside his white-coat time replacing stem cells and treating cancer, Dr. Suresh teaches medicine and works extensively on drug research. Calling himself a lifelong student of science, Dr. Suresh led many a clinical trial and spends a lot of time exploring the inter-connected nature of diseases. Dr. Suresh is also featured as Top 100 doctors globally. Dr. Suresh drives the CognitiveCare labs that is heart of CognitiveCare.


Venkatesh Sista - Head, Alliances, Finance and Operations

 “The opportunities to transform healthcare are immense”

From chip design/fabrication at Intel to advising CIOs on transformational strategies to adopt cloud and analytics, Venkatesh has had a stellar consulting career that covered the entire gamut of technology. With an uncanny ability to manage chaos, Venkatesh can rattle down numbers and metrics. A perfect team player and our man-Friday, Venkatesh may have learned the art of team play from his early cricketing days on the roads of Mumbai with some of India's national players. Venkatesh leads Finance, Operations and Strategic Alliances at CognitiveCare.